News & Press Release

May 5th 2022 - New member - International Martial Arts Organization

Welcome Master Faramarz Shahnasiri from Iran with your Iranian-Persian Fighting Organization. You are a well known fighter and you have your heart on the right place. We hope to see you next year in USA with a strong iranian team for the 13th World Martial Arts Games. 

WMAGC - Elections 2019

Results from the past 2019 World Martial Arts Games to be seen on your left. If you click on it, it will enlarge for a better look. The 12th World Martial Arts Games in London has been a major success for all athletes as well officials. Fantastic international Judges and Referees, great helping hands before, during and after the event, great new friendship and not to forget ..... 22 nations taking part from all parts of the globe. Thanks again to James Saks and Joao Silva from SJJIF for running the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 


We are now looking forward to our upcoming Continental World Martial Arts Games in Europe, Asia, Africa and USA incl. South America.

WMAGC - Elections 2019

At the congress of the World Martial Arts Games Committee elections took place. After 4 years the following persons were re-elected or new persons took over positions as you can see below:




President                                    Alfred Kleinschwärzer    GER     re-elected

Vice-President                            Jan Sykora                     CZE     re-elected

Vice-President                            Peter Fawbert                GBR     elected

Secretary General                      Chris Hemstock             GBR     re-elected

Chairman of the BoD                  Donna Judge                 USA     re-elected

Head of Int’ Rules Committee     Martin Strassberger      GER     elected

Treasurer                                    Ian Soame                     GBR     re-elected

Chief of Press & PR                    Neeraj Kumar Mehra     IND      re-elected


The 12th World Martial Arts Games from 27.- 29. October 2019 in London are over. We enjoyed over a long weekend great friendship and massive quality on performances, fights and connections. Medal charts, numbers and more will follow soon here. All disciplines were packed. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Self Defense, Breaking, Japanese Forms, Okinawese Forms, Korean Forms, Chinese Forms, Modern and Musical Forms, Extrem Forms, Point-Sparring, Continous Sparring and much more were busy as we had 22 nations taking part this time at the Egham Orbit venue. 

05. March 2019 - New Chairman of the Board of Directors


After Alberto Friedmann retired from his position as team coach for Team US, Kyoshi Donna M. Judge was elected new coach by the US team. The WMAGC seized this opportunity and had long and intensive discussions with Kyoshi Judge. 


As a result, we are pleased to have found Kyoshi Donna M. Judge as the new head of the Board of Directors. From now on, she will provide new momentum and will be increasingly involved in acquisition. It is her responsibility to inspire new countries and organizations for our movement, to correspond with each other and with each other and to ensure growth in the WMAGC. 


We are very happy that Kyoshi Donna M. Judge has taken over this office. We all wish her every success.

02. Februar 2019 - Leadership change within Germany


Mrs. Antigona Sopi stepped down from the position National Director for NMAC-Germany. New appointed Directro for Germany is Mr. Martin Strassberger, a direct student of the founder of the WMAGC. Martin won in 2017 in Florida the World Champion Belt of the WKL and became European Champion of WKL in 2018 in Liechtenstein. 


He also won several World Martial Arts and European Martial Arts Games titles in Self Defense, Grappling, Sparring and realistic Self Defense. 

16. October 2018 - Leadership change within our USA members


Since two weeks there was a change due to internal elections of team USA. Our former member and chief of the IRC handed over the position of President of the NMAC USA to Kyoshi Donna Judge. Kyoshi is a member from the first minute of our movement and a very good partner since. The board of directors as well as the officials of the WMAGC congratulate you for your new position.

10. October 2018 - Old and new member Iran


Dr. Nasrollah Kakavand from Iran is back after a short break. We welcome you in the board of Country Directors as our representative for Iran. May we work together in good standing as we did in the past. We, the board of directors as well as the board of WMAGC welcome you back.

31. March 2018 - New Partnerships for WMAGC


This week the World Martial Arts Games Committee proudly announced their New Partnership with the Federación Internacional de Limalama from México (FILL).


The WMAGC Board would like to welcome the FILL Board including Master César Fernández Montiel, President, Master Antonio Zavala, Vice President, Master Gustavo Ayala, Treasurer, Master Adrian Chao, Commissioner and Master Victor García Jasso, Vocal Medallist.


The WMAGC are looking forward to a long lasting working relationship with Master César Fernández Montiel and the Federación Internacional de Limalama.


The Americas have become increasingly prominent within the WMAGC over the last six Months. With the Alliance of US Based Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF), who also have strong Members in Brazil and with the links the WMAGC have in the Caribbean and Canada, combined with WMAGC’s long standing existing Members, The US Martial Arts Team - This should make for a very interesting Pan-American Continental Games.


Many thanks to Federación Internacional de Limalama Coaching Evaluation Director, Gabriela M. Jiménez Martinez (MEX), for her significant efforts and negotiations together with WMAGC Secretary General Chris Hemstock (GBR).

Johannesburg 10th March 2016



Within the last couple month lots of things happend. So Master Louise Viviers, Vice-President of WMAGC and President of Martial Arts South Africa managed to get Mr. Arthur Calamaras on board. He is the host of the World Wide Last Fighter Standing tournament. They will have their event together with our annual 10th World Martial Arts Games at the fantastic Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. A venue that hosts also 4 days a Martial Arts Exhibition. We are proud to announce to our members ........... WE ARE PART OF THIS!!

PRETORIA 30th Oct. 2015



Today the committee agreed the latest design from our South African hosts official logo. It represents Africa and the origins of human kind as they are found in South Africa and on the logo displayed by showing the cave drawing. Also this is a tribute to the nearly extinct Rhino. We think this is a fantastic idea and support this very human and social logo.

JOHANNESBURG 29th Oct. 2015



While our President Alfred Kleinschwärzer and Chairman of the Nations Mr. Chris Hemstock observed together with the South African host of the upcoming WMAGs in Johannesburg, the designer completed the medal design. All committee members agreed this wonderful and outstanding medal design, dedicated and tributed to the Rhino as one of the species nearly gone from our planet.

BUDAPEST 16th Oct. 2015

TAFISA Congress Hungary welcomes WMAGC as member


Our delegated Chairman Chris Hemstock from Great Britain attended the international TAFISA Congress in Budapest the past days and just told us about the approval of our TAFISA membership. With this remarkable milestone we are again back in track and our original path of the World Martial Arts Games Committee is ready to continue successful with TAFISA as strong partner. We are looking forward to new strategies and way's to promote the original way of WMAGC even more intensive as we did in the past. I like to thank Chris Hemstock for putting in his time to travel from Norwich to Budapest for the Congress. 

Norwich - 2015, Sept. 13th


It comes with great pleasure and excitement to announce after Ten Years of success in the Martial Arts Arena, the World Martial Arts Games Committee are celebrating their first decade with a fresh New Logo, launching themselves into many more decades and beyond.

The World Martial Arts Games Committee would also like to announce its new Executive Board of Directors after the latest round of Elections. The following representatives hold the following positions: 

  • WMAGC President – Freddy Kleischwaerzer (GER)
  • Vice President – Louise Viviers (ZAF)
  • Vice President – Nasrollah Kakavand (IRN)
  • Secretary General – Jan Sykora (CZE)
  • Chairman of Directors – Chris Hemstock (GBR)
  • Treasure – Ian Soame (GBR)
  • Public Relations / Press Officer – Iratxe De La Quintana-Gonzalez (ESP)
  • Chief of International Rules Committee – Alberto Friedmann (USA)