Welcome to the 2nd European Martial Arts Games

An IOC recognized body

Dear WMAGC – European Games Participant.


On behalf of the hosting Committee of the 2018 WMAGC – European Games, The European Martial Arts Games Organising Committee (EMAG-OC)  would like to welcome you to the beautiful Town of Schaan, Liechtenstein. During the weekend of the 15th – 19th of August 2018, competitors from all over Europe will compete for the honour of becoming a WMAGC – European Games Champion.



Schaan is the largest municipality of Liechtenstein by population. It is located to the north of Vaduz, the capital, in the central part of the country. As of 2015 it has a population of 5,994 making it the most populous administrative district in Liechtenstein, and covers an area of 26.8 km2, including mountains and forest.


Schaan has over 4,000 enterprises, making it a large economic centre in the country. Schaan is the location of the world headquarters of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, the world's biggest manufacturer of false teeth and Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, one of the world's largest makers of anchors and power tools.


Schaan borders the town of Buchs in Switzerland. The municipality includes the village of Mühleholz and the Naafkopf, one of the two tripoints between Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria.


As a participant in the 2nd now Bi-Annual, WMAGC – European Games you will be present amongst the top Martial Arts Athletes from around Europe, representing a multitude of disciplines with all following universal moral principles, helping to display and promote the true spirit of the Martial Arts. With up to 300 Divisions encompassing the disciplines of Extreme Martial Arts, Grappling, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Sports Ju Jutsu and others. There is something for everyone and many participants will compete in more than one event.


On August 17th 2018, up to an estimated 500 Martial Arts Athletes of various ages and skill levels, representing 10 – 20 Nations will gather at the Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch


Duxgass, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein, to compete for a chance to become a WMAGC – European Games Champion. Be part of history and join us for the time of your life !


Yours Sincerely

Chris Hemstock


WMAGC – Secretary General


Tournament Host                  Mr Metin Kayar (LI)

                                               Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts

                                               Academy Liechtenstein

                                               Im Alten Riet 153 

                                               9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein

Tel :                                        0041 76 277 9292


Tournament Director           Mr Chris Hemstock (GB)

                                               Saxony House

                                               Church Road



                                               NR15 2UG

                                               United Kingdom

Tel :                                        0044 7917 304667


Tournament Arbitrator        Antigona Sopi (GER)


Rules                                     World Martial Arts Games Committee Rules & Regulations

                                               (Version 4.2– Revised September, 2016)


Sanctioning Body                World Martial Arts Games Committee



Competitor Registration     Early Registration

                                              Must be postmarked by 21st June 2018

                                              or received in person by 23rd  June 2018


                                              One Event  =                         €50.00

                                              Additional Event  =                €15.00  

                                              All Team Events  =                €15.00

                                                                                     Per Athlete


Initial Registration includes one spectator seat.


                                               Late and Final Registration

                                               Must be Postmarked by 30th July 2018

                                               or received in person by 1st Aug 2018


                                               One Event  =                         €60.00 

                                               Additional Event  =                €20.00

                                               All Team Events  =                €20.00

                                                                                       Per Athlete


Coaching Pass                     Tournament Coaching Pass  €30.00


To be allowed on the floor, coaches must attend the Coaches Meeting on Thursday August 16th at 09:00 – 10:00 at Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy. At the Meeting coaches will receive their coaching passes which will allow them onto the competition floor and access to all days. Coaches without credentials will not be allowed on the competition floor.


Special Training                  

Coaching by the WMAGC - European Games Host Hanshi Metin Kayar 10th Dan. An opportunity to experience and Train with Hanshi Metin Kayar on Thursday August 16th at 11:00 – 13:00 at Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy. (Limited Spaces)        €35.00



Fight Show                                     Saturday Night Fight Show

                                                         by Metin Kayar -          €20.00

Referee Registration            All officials must attend the Referee Meeting, which will take place on Thursday August 16th at 14:00 – 15:00 at Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy. At the Meeting officials will receive their certification and referee’s shirt.


General Admission                         Admission by ticket only

Spectator Day Pass:  €20.00


Weekend Pass:          €30.00



Officials/Referee’s Shirts                Free


2018 WMAGC T Shirt                      €30.00

                                                         (2018 WMAGC –  World Games

                                                         Screen printed)



Photography Pass                         Those wishing to take photos must obtain permission through the completion of a photography pass.

Photography / video of minors is prohibited except with the express permission of the organisers.



Payment Information          

By Mail: Send completed registrations forms and cheques payable to:

Treasurers Account WMAGC


WMAGC - Office

Saxony House,

Church Road



NR15 2UG.

United Kingdom


By Bank Transfer:


IBAN : GB44LOYD 3092 8834 6952 60    

Swift Code : LOYDGB 21384         

Reference : World Martial Arts Games Committee            


2018 WMAGC Registration pack amended Feb
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2018 WMAGC - Divisons List (revised Jan
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WMAGC Rules Version 4.3 June 2018.pdf
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Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch


9494 Schaan,


Liechtenstein Out and About


Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world and the fourth smallest country in Europe. It borders at 41.2 kilometers to Switzerland and at 36.7 kilometers to Austria. The area of Liechtenstein is 160 km2 and it has about 38'000 inhabitants. About 30% of the people in Liechtenstein are foreigners, 20% from German speaking countries. The population in Liechtenstein is multicultural and people's family origins come from about 90 different nations.People in Liechtenstein speak a German dialect which is even difficult to understand for German people. 


Its highest point, the Grauspitz, is 2,599 m (8,527 ft). Despite its Alpine location, prevailing southerly winds make the climate of Liechtenstein comparatively mild. In winter, the mountain slopes are well suited to winter sports.


Liechtenstein is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world — being a landlocked country wholly surrounded by other landlocked countries (the other is Uzbekistan). Liechtenstein is the sixth-smallest independent nation in the world by land area.


Liechtenstein is a monarchy and has a parliament. The national currency is Swiss Francs and the border to Switzerland does only exist by passing the river Rhein, which makes the border. But there are no controls or border like barriers to Switzerland. There is in fact a border with barrier to Austria, which is an EU country.


Liechtenstein has a very strong industrial sector and is the home for very big and famous worldwide factories like Hilti, Swarovsky, Thyssen Krupp, Hilcona, Ivoclar, Hoval or Balzers just to mention a few of them.

Event Schedule


Wednesday 15th August 2018


Firework Display Opening Ceremony


The feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day, is the principal feast day of the Virgin Mother Mary, according to Christian tradition. It is celebrated annually on or around August 15th.


To celebrate the National Holiday in Liechtenstein we are combining this as our Opening ceremony this year. The highlight of the national holiday is a 30 minute firework display next to Vaduz Castle starting at 22:00. The display has been created by Design Fireworks, with Armin Lukasser a multiple runner-up at the World Firework Championships responsible for the choreography. All Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Spectators are welcome.


       Background information about the firework:

  • During a professional firework brown cylindrical and spherical so called "Display Shells" or "Firework Bombs" of varying sizes are being used, which are placed in mortar tubes and wired to a central control. 
  • The diameter of the canisters utilised during the national holiday is up to 300mm. 
  • During the national holiday around 3t of pyrotechnical material is being used. 
  • For the firework in Liechtenstein, around 3500m of cable is necessary to connect the canisters with the central control. 
  • As soon as the different mortar racks are firmly fixed they will be filled with different fireworks shells. Each of the different effects has its own electric igniter. 
  • The ignition system used is not only being used by all Disney Theme Parks and the Universal Studios, but also for the biggest fireworks displays in the world like: the Palm Dubai, the London Eye, the London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies etc. 

To set off a firework for Design Fireworks Int. a trained pyrotechnician must have participated in more than 100 shows.

Thursday 16th August 2018


Coaches Meeting – Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy.


09:00 – 10:00 All Coaches must attend – Credential Collection – Introduction to Event Officials, WMAGC President, EMAG Host & EMAG Director, Event Arbitrator, Head Referee, Meet the Team.


 Special Training – Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy. (Limited Spaces)


11:00 – 13:00 Motivation training with Hanshi Metin Kayar (LI) for coaches and athletes with modern and traditional training methods. €35.00 pre register


Referee’s Meeting – Budokan – Fitness & Martial Arts Academy.


14:00 – 15:00 All Referee’s, Judges and Officials must attend – Certification and Floor Credential Collection - Introduction to Event Officials, WMAGC President, EMAG Host & EMAG Director, Event Arbitrator, Head Referee, Meet the Team.


WMAGC European Congress – Schaanerhof Hotel & Restaurant, Meeting to finalise   2020 European Games, updates on the 2019 World Games WMAGC Accounts review and general WMAGC housekeeping.


19:00 – 21:00 WMAGC Officials meeting and Dinner – Dress Code (Black Tie) (Invitation Only)

21:15 – 23:00 WMAGC President & Director Heads Meeting Member Countries (Invitation Only)


Friday 17th August 2018


WMAGC – European Games,Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch,Duxgass,9494,Schaan,





08:00              Doors Open

08:15              Referees, Officials and Coaches Clinic

                       All Referees and Coaches MUST attend this clinic.

08:45              Team Parade onto Competition Floor

09:30              Day 1 Competition Commences

18:00              Day 1 Competition Closes


Saturday 18th August 2018


WMAGC – European Games,Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch,Duxgass,9494,Schaan,





08:00              Doors Open

08:15              Referees, Officials and Coaches Clinic

                       All Referees and Coaches MUST attend this clinic.

09:30              Day 2 Competition Commences

17:00              Day 2 Competition Closes

19:00              Fight Show by Metin Kayar Starting at 20:00hrs


Sunday 19th August 2018


WMAGC – European Games, Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch,Duxgass,9494,Schaan,





08:00              Doors Open

08:15              Referees, Officials and Coaches Clinic

                       All Referees and Coaches MUST attend this clinic.

09:30              Day 3 Competition Commences

17:00              Day 3 Competition Closes

19:00              Closing Banquet and Awards Evening - €50.00 pre register (Dress-code Smart)



Division Lists and Rules

All competitors are advised to double check those events that they are entering to ensure that they are in the correct divisions. All divisions will be organised before the day of the competition and cannot be changed.

Age for the competition will be determined by the Age of the competitor on 16th August 2018.


Ranks will be determined as follow:


Forms and Kickboxing Divisions:

Beginner:        Less than 2 years in the martial arts

Advanced:      More than 2 years in the martial arts

Black Belt:      Black Belt rank in the martial arts.


Grapple/Strike Divisions:

Highest rank in any of the martial arts


Grapple/Submission Divisions:

Beginner:        Less than 2 years in the martial arts

Advanced:      More than 2 years in the martial arts

Black Belt:      Black Belt rank in the martial arts.


NO Professional Fighters allowed (MMA, Kickboxing etc)


Please Note: A competitor can compete at multiple rank levels, for instance a 17 Year old Under Belt  Boy could enter 16 – 17 Years Under Belt, 16 – 17 Years Black Belt, 18 – 35 Years Under Belt -70 kg, 18 – 35 Years Black Belt -70 kg etc etc


When registering please write down your Division Number, Division Name, age and rank.


All uniforms and equipment must be acceptable under WMAGC rules and guidelines.


All competitors must maintain themselves as appropriate Sports Ambassadors, and as such will be held to the highest level of personal integrity, honour and responsibility. Poor sportsmanship is grounds for expulsion from the event with no refund of fees.


All rules will be in accordance with the WMAGC rules and guidelines as published by the WMAGC at www.wmagc.org

Travel to Liechtenstein

Local Links                https://www.schaan.li/




Nearest Airports       https://www.flughafen-zuerich.ch/





Budget Airlines         https://www.easyjet.com/en




Railway - Train          https://www.swissrailways.com/



Euro-Tunnel               https://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/home/



Bus Service                https://www.postauto.ch/en/timetable




Car Hire                      https://www.europcar.co.uk/






Youth Hostel – Schaan, Liechtenstein This is a budget hostel with limited facilities.



Hotel Landgasthof Werdenberg – Switzerland (approx 10min drive to the venue)



Spring Inn – Switzerland (approx 25min drive to the venue)



Gästhaus Tisis – Austria (approx 15min drive to the venue)



Gästhaus Sofram – Austria (approx 20min drive to the venue)



Other accommodation alternatives can be found on Booking.com, TripAdviser, Trivago and other accommodation websites.