Vice-Presidents of WMAGC

Name:     Jan Sykora

Country:  Czech Republic








Founder of Team NoGravity, the most successful forms competition team in central Europe, Jan has been active in the competition scene for the past 15 years. Having studied traditional Karate, kickboxing and more recently also Tang Soo Do with great emphasis on creative, musical and extreme forms, he has gained some extensive knowledge within these disciplines of WMAGC. He is a multiple German Champion and World Championship medalist in different forms and weapons divisions. 


Jan teaches kids at the only Tang Soo Do club in the Czech Republic. He has organized over 10 international seminars of modern forms and tricking




Name:     Peter Fawbert

Country: Great Britain







Peter Fawbert is a practitioner of Wadokai Karate in UK. He is based in South-West of England and Wales and one of the backbone of the National Martial Arts Committee in Great Britain. Peter holds the 4th Dan in Wado-Ryu Karate, 1st Dan in Goju-Ryu and Shukokai Karate and is student of Mr. Gary Wasniewski the Chief instructor of Ty-Ga Karate in London.


Peter currently works as a teacher and therefore he is together with his skills about martial arts an important part in our committee now.