Head of International Rules Committee of WMAGC

Name:     Mr. Adam Hitcham

Country:  United Kingdom







Adam Hitcham is a practitioner of Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Self Defence in the UK, based in the East of England. Starting training at the age of 6 under the guidance of Grand Master Roy Fox, he has been active in his chosen discipline for 31 years.

Adam has been actively teaching Martial Arts for 16 years and is the Head Instructor at SJJ Martial Arts.

Adam holds the rank of 5th Dan Master in Ju-Jitsu and Goshin Ryu Self Defence, the rank of Shihan in Wadokai Karate, bestowed by Vice President Peter Fawbert, as well as being NMAC Head coach for Self defence and grappling.


Accolades –

2016-2018 East of England Grand Champion of Self Defence.

2017 WMAGC Creative and Realistic Self Defence Silver Medallist.

2018 EMAGC Creative and Realistic Self Defence European Champi